High End Sunday - Dior Apparat 871

Happy Sunday everyone  I'm not sure if i'm alone, but I tend to have a hard time deciding which polishes to put on my blog.  I have so many polishes to choose from that I neglect so many great brands.  I call it "Polish Overload"!  Because of these reasons, I've decided to have a theme for each day of the week.  I'm hoping this will help me post a variety of great polishes that would otherwise sit in my drawers & get dusty.  The  themes are as follows:
  • High End Sundays 
  • Vintage Mondays
  • Indie Tuesdays
  • Nail Art Wednesdays
  • Thrifty Thursdays
  • Franken Fridays
  • Swatch Fest Saturdays
I'm looking forward to finally having some type of order.  Let's see how long I can keep up with it lol.  Today is "High End Sunday" & I'm thrilled to introduce you to...
Dior Apparat 871
Apparat is from the 2011 Christmas Collection "Les Rouges Or".  In the bottle, the polish translates as a rich burgundy packed with gold shimmer.  But sadly on the nails, the gold shimmer less pronounced. On the nails it is a glowy vampy cranberry with gold, green & dark red micro shimmer.  Apparat is a one coater, super saturated drama queen & I mean this in a great way!  Normally I'm not into reds but this is an exception & I'm so happy I purchased it.
All photos were taken in natural lighting on a cloudy day


Hilda Van Dyke said...

Gorgeous shade! Looks 'burnt-orangey' to me. Love the themes you'll be working with. It's a great way to discipline oneself when venturing into the land of un-trieds.

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