Thrifty Thursday with a little Fergie...

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today I'm keeping up with my daily themes giving you "Thrifty Thursday".  You don't always have to buy expensive polish to have beautiful nails!  I personally love a good sale & lately I've been finding some gorgeous cheapies with amazing formulas.  Wet N Wild Fergie Miami Spirit A007 is one of those polishes!  I must warn you, my photos are not color accurate. Unfortunately I don't have the photography skill level to edit the coloring but I hope you can see that it's still a beautiful polish.

Miami Spirit is a "neon-esque" super rich & saturated "Teal/Green" Shimmer polish that is packed with personality.  I wore this to work today & I people were stopping me all day telling me my nails were gorgeous & asking what color polish I had on.  I purchased Miami Spirit at my local drug store for a whopping $2.99!!  It's very budge friendly.  When I tell you this baby applies like butter I mean it!  It's almost a 1 coater.  Drying time is fantastic & there is no streaking.  I love the fat brush & it is one of my all time favorite polishes.  I wore this quite a bit this past summer & my bottle is almost a 3rd of the way finished (considering I have over 1000 polishes, this says a lot about how much I love it).  If you love teal polishes, please go check it out.  I promise you that you won't be disappointed.


Marisa said...

What a gorgeous green!!! Love the addition of the stud.

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