Lemming Squashed... CHANEL Le Vernis Holographic!!!!!!

I've recently become obsessed with Chanel polishes!  I've become absolutely insane over VINTAGE & Rare Chanel polishes.  The one at the top of my list was the elusive & super duper expensive CHANEL Holographic.  It was produced as a Limited Edition in 2007 & has been long sold out.  I have been on the hunt for this beauty for over 8 months!  And then it happened, I was browsing eBay & BAM there it was.  A shiny brand new boxed set along with the fixing base.  I ran in the room to tell my sweetheart & told him what that I finally found it !! This wonderful man immediately went to eBay & pressed BUY IT NOW!!!  He didn't ask how much!  He didn't complain nor tell me that I had lost my mind.   My sweetheart simply looked at me & said "If something as small as a bottle of polish makes my lady happy, then it's yours".   Then he said, you could be asking for diamonds!"  Hahahahaha!  I won't say how much we paid but I will say I feel it was worth every single penny!  Enough talking...here it is!!!
Pictured above is 1 coat of the fixate fixing base & 2 coats of polish with no top coat!  I'm so in love guys!!


Hilda Van Dyke said...

Awwww! Your man is the absolute best!! I don't know how I've never heard of this holographic, but I have no words to describe it. So utterly, utterly beautiful. Worth every single cent, I agree!

K @ Karines Vernis Club said...

Lucky girl!! Yes definitely no regret, the holo is hurting my eyes!!!

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