Vintage Monday - Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Garnet Lapis #07

Welcome to "Vintage Monday" everyone.  Today I'm taking you all the way back!  I bring to you none other than Sally Hansen Nail Prisms!  Sally Hansen Nail Prisms were released in the early 1980's.   They were the first of their kind.  They are described as a "Rainbow in every Bottle" which describes them perfectly.  They are the "Queen & Grandmother" of every multi chrome & holographic polish of today.  Sally Hansen was decades ahead of their time with this line.  They are an "antique" & exquisite in every way.

I fell in love with Sally Hansen Nail Prisms a few years back & since then I've been obsessively collecting them.  They have been discontinued for years & are extremely hard to find.  It is my goal to own every single one of them & thanks to my amazing nail polish friends I've almost reached my goal.   Click here for more information.  My Prisms are the pride & joy of my polish collection!  The first polish I'm going to share with you from this line is none other than Garnet Lapis 4674-07.
Garnet Lapis
Garnet Lapis is also the same polish as Rainbow Presents (Canadian Release).  I'm fortunate to own them both & can verify they are one in the same polish.  It is a multi chrome which shifts from blue to purple to pink to gold & many other colors in between.  An oil slick if you will.  Everyone who knows me, knows my favorite type of polishes are Duo/Multi-chromes & because of this, Garnet Lapis is easily one of my favorite polishes of all time!  When I wear this polish, women actually stop me & ask me what polish i'm wearing or "is that one polish you have on?   Men have even said to me "that's a some cool polish you have on there".

Garnet Lapis is pretty sheer so I put 1 layer over black.  As with most multi chrome polishes, layering over a dark base makes the polish really rich & the color shift pop.  Unfortunately, my lack of photography skills hindered my ability to capture the true beauty of this polish but I hope you can still get the idea.  Ok, enough of my yapping!  On to the pictures.
Warning:  Extremely pic heavy!
Above Photo Direct Sunlight (Blue/Purple Shift)
Above Photo Taken in the Shade (Purple/Blue Shift)
(Blue to Pink Shift & Purple to Pink to Gold Shift)
More photos after the jump

Isn't it gorgeous?  Do you own any Sally Hansen Nail Prisms?  If so, I would love to see your swatches!


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