My Love for Sally Hansen Nail Prisms & Informational Guide

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 Sally Hansen Nail Prisms were released in the early 1980's.   I’ve read across the internet of the early 2000‘s but I’ve traced them all the way back to 1980’s.  My aunt has a keepsake box labeled with the year & things that meant the most to her.  The box was labeled for the years 1980-1985 & 3 Sally Hansen Nail Prisms were in this box.  I do not remember which prisms they were & information is extremely limited on the Nail Prisms so I’ve tried to gather as much information as I could on them using various resources including other nail bloggers which I will link below.

Disclaimer:  It is not my intent to copy anyone else.  I simply want to share what I have discovered thru reading, asking questions & researching.  I want to give a HUGE shout out to The Nail Exchange and  Vibrant Point of View for their amazing posts about the prisms.  Their willingness to share what they have found out about the Prisms is priceless! 

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms were the first of their kind.  They are described as a "Rainbow in every Bottle".   They are the "Queen & Grandmother" of every multi chrome & holographic polish of today.  Sally Hansen was decades ahead of their time with this line.  They are an "antique" & exquisite in every way. I fell in love with Sally Hansen Nail Prisms a few years back & since then I've been obsessively collecting them.  They have been discontinued for many years & are extremely hard to find.  It is my goal to own every single one of them & thanks to my amazing nail polish friends across the world,  I've almost reached my goal.   My Prisms Polishes are the pride & joy of my polish collection!
  1. Diamond:  Silver Holographic.  
  • Oval Bottle - Silver Linear Holo - Product #22467-401
  • Rounded Square Bottle Limited Edition  - Silver Scattered Holo - Product #4674-01
     2.  Pink Rose Diamond

     3.  Purple Diamond

     4.  South Sea Pearl: Multi-chrome with a sheer milky base.  It shifts from yellow, to blue to purple   & pink.  Used as a top coat it shifts to many other colors depending on what color you use as a base.   

  • Oval Bottle - Product #2246740/4674-04
  • Rounded Square Limited Edition - Product #4674-04
     5.  Emerald Amethyst/Golden Presents:  A Multi-chrome which shift from green to purple to gold

  • U.S. Bottle Product #224674050/4474-05
  • Golden Presents is the Canadian/European Release of the same polish - Product #x224674000 (It is written in French)

     6.  Ruby Sapphire

     7.  Garnet Lapis/Rainbow Presents:  A multi-chrome which shifts from blue to purple & pink to            
          Gold (Swatches)
  • U.S. Bottle Product #224674070/4774-07
  • Rainbow Presents is the Canadian Release of the same polish - Product #x224674000 (It is written in French
Bottle Shots  
     8.  Amber Ruby

     9.  Blush Diamond

    10. Golden Cinnabar:  Lovingly described as "fall in a bottle".  A multi-chrome which shifts from a coppery/golden brown to orange to pink & purple. 

    11.  Fire Opal:  A Multi-chrome with a pink base that shifts from pink to purple to blue to orange & coral.  Layered over other colors the shift changes depending on the base color
    12. Coral Amber

    13.  Ruby Diamond

    14. Lapis Amethyst

    15.  Lavender Pearl
    16. Turquoise Opal

    17.  Pink Pearl

    18. Star Opal
    19. Lavender Sky
    20. Pink Gold
    21. Scarlet Ruby
    22. Bronze Coral
    23. Burgundy Orchid
    24. Platinum Plum
    25. White Diamond
    26. Cinnabar aka Cinnabar Opal
    27. Bronze Ruby
    28. Mandarin Garnet
    29. Golden Tourmaline
    30. Pink Opal
    31. Orange Opal

    32. Ruby Opal
    33.  No Information
    34.  No Information

    35. White Turquoise
    36. Lavender Sapphire
    37. Ruby Topaz

    38. Ruby Emerald
    39. Lilac Aqua

    40. Lavender Gold

    41. White Ruby
    42. Pink Amber
   43. Bronze Pink


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