High End Sunday & Chanel Lilis #647

Welcome to "High End Sunday" guys.  Today I bring you one of my FAVORITE colors of the summer.  Yes, I know summer just ended but today was such a beautiful & bright day that I decided to rock Lilis on the fingers & toes.

Lilis is from the summer's L’Été Papillon de Chanel collection of 2013.  It's a gorgeous "peachy/Coral/reddish" creme.  It's "squishy" appearance almost makes you think it's a jelly but it's not sheer.  You get complete coverage in 2 coats & applied flawlessly.   Lilis skyrocketed to the top of my favorite polish list.  It's the perfect summer color & I think it looks amazing on my skin tone.
Pictured Above Indirect Sunlight
Pictured above is in direct sunlight.  I tried to do a little nail art but it didn't come out exactly like I wanted.  I did a little bundle monster stamping & was inspired by someone on Instagram.  Unfortunately, I can't remember who it was.  I will continue to step out my comfort zone & practice nail art!  Until next time....


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