Stamping Sunday's & Another Color Morphing Top Coat

Welcome to Stamping Sundays everyone!

I'm trying out another duo chrome pigment from Anna's Art Asylum #35202.  This particular one shifts from Blue to Purple .  The hues of blues & purples shift from a dark blue to an almost turquoise blue to a dark purple to a pinkish-purple.  It's really beautiful.  I took a ton of pictures & could not come up with photos that show how beautiful this one is.
 I filled the mini bottle a 3rd of the way with TKB's Luster base.  I then added 3 heaping straw tip scoops of the color morphing pigment.  Next I added the smallest bit of the purple pigment I purchased from TKB Trading.  I filled the rest of the bottle with clear polish.

The pictures are of the top coat layered over black & then stamped with BM plate 211.  I saw a picture of this particular design on NailXchange's blog & fell completely in love with it.  I didn't have the polish she used but this top coat reminded me of her polish so I decided to go for it.  Of course mine didn't turn our nearly as gorgeous as her's but i'm still super happy with the results.  I'm becoming quite savvy with the nail stamping (pats self on back) lol.  By the way, I forgot to take pics of the polish before I stamped it.  I'm such a goof.  But I think you get the picture.
Above Photo:  Artificial Light (My bathroom lol)
Above Photo:  Natural Light

Above:  Artificial Lighting (My Bathroom)
The pictures were taken with my iPhone because I could not get my real camera to cooperate.  I did edit the photos with the "auto enhance" & blur feature which actually showed the color better than the original photo.  I'm not photographer & maybe one day I can invest in a light box so that my pictures look more professional but until then, this is the best I could do.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Karine said...

Whoa at that duochrome goodness!

Paulina said...

I'm loving this!!

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Really beautiful!

The Sneakerette said...

wow i love this! the duochrome base is really beautiful :D

Nicole said...

That is some serious duochrome goodness!!! That looks awesome!

Hey-Hay said...

mannnn, this is pretty!!! <3

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