Another Franken - Green Lantern

Happy Monday everyone!!

Today I'm bringing to you another custom polish.  I made this polish specifically for my oldest daughter Charisma because she loves the color green.  It is by far her favorite color.  I'm not a fan of deep green nail polishes but this one was for her so she had full range of what color green she wanted.  She stated she wanted a bright Grass Green with green & silver glitters but not over the top glitter.  I did my best to please her & although I'm happy with how it turned out, I know I would NEVER wear this unless it's Saint Patrick's day or something! lol.

She named this polish Green Lantern after the Super Hero Character.  I only have 1 picture to share today as I had so much going on this weekend from it being Mother's Day.  Here goes...



Karine said...

Love the name, and it suits you well too!

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