Franken Friday ~ Dragon Scales

Happy Friday Everyone!!
Today is Franken Friday!  I know most of my post have been about my frankens lately but i'm enjoying it so much that I can't wait to share them with you.  Today I introduce you to Dragon Scales!!
Dragon Scales:
A multi-chrome topcoat which morphs between purple, to green & to blue.  It was made from color shifting pigments purchased from eBay.  I used pigment #821502.  Dragon Scales is pictured below with black as a base.  It is meant to be layered but I think it's gorgeous!

I purchased this wonderful color morphing pigment from Anna's Art Asylum on eBay.  She is AWESOME!  She ships quickly & has awesome customer service.  I have ordered from her several times & I've never been disappointed.  The pigments are gorgeous!  Try them ALL!  They are priced very reasonably so theres no reason NOT to get them all.  Have fun frankening guys!!  Good Luck!


MariJo said...

Wow!! This looks amazing!

phoenixor said...

Wow! That looks beautiful on you! I will definitely have to get some pigments from the shop you mentioned. Did you have to wear a mask when working with the pigments? Thanks!

Karine said...

beautiful, the color shift is different from what I usually see

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Ohh. That's a real beaut!

One Lpt said...

That's really beautiful, well done :-)

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