Zoya Charisma ~ My First Born

Happy Monday everyone!  When Zoya had their B3G3 free promotion a few weeks I just HAD to purchase Charisma My oldest daughter is Named Charisma & I hurried & scooped this baby up.  I had been eyeing this for a while but because Charisma is a Neon, I felt I should wait until it was closer to Spring or Summer.

There are no words to describe Charisma's vivid, beautiful color.  Zoya describes this beauty as an Ultra bright neon fluorescent magenta/red-toned cream.  This neon shade dries matte, but also can be worn with a topcoat for a glossy finish.  I think the description is pretty dead on.

I used 2 coats in the photos below.  The formula was great & I didn't have any application problems.  t think Charisma is a young, fun summer color & whether you wear it matte or glossy, she's sure to attract attention.

So what do you think of Charisma?  Will you be wearing her this summer?  I know this grandma will.

Note:  Charisma was a beast when it came to capturing the correct color so I had to get my Photographer brother to hold his sis down & take the photos for me.  Thanks Brandon once again for taking a day out your busy schedule for me.  Too bad I can see EVERY mistake in my awful polish application.  


DIY Polish said...

Charisma was one of my first Zoyas! And I love the name by the way :)

April K said...

Beautiful color. I really want to add more zoya's to my collection.

Hilda Van Dyke said...

Zoya charisma was also my very first Zoya and even though this pink is second to none, I hated the formula and it started to chip before I woke up the next day. I kept wondering how something so beautiful could turn out so shitty. Did you have a similar experience?

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