Ludurana - Fascinante

Happy Monday everyone!

Today i'm showing you a Brazilian polish by Ludurana called Fascinante from the Aurora Boreal Collection.  Everyone knows that MultiChrome & Holographic polishes are my absolute favorite type of polishes & this baby does not disappoint.  Fascinate is a MultiChrome polish that shifts from a burgundy red, to copper, to gold to green.  It was very hard to get it to shift to green but the primary color was burgundy red.  It is such a warm beautiful color.  It reminds me when the trees start changing colors during fall.  So bright & warm & gorgeous!!  

The thing about these brazilian polishes are that they are very small.  8 ml's to be exact.  I purchased mine from Llarowe's for $14 which is pretty steep considering the size of the bottle.  But non the less it is GORGEOUS & in my opinion WORTH every cent.  

Application was a dream.  You don't have to put underwear under these babies.  That's right, the formula is perfect to wear on its on.  Pictured below is 2 large coats of Fascinante on it's own.  I think i'm in love <3

Pictures below are in natural light on a very rainy cloudy day.  I'm not the best photographer but I did my best to capture the correct color.  But my pictures do NOT do this polish justice.   

So what do you think?   Do you love Fascinante as much as I do?  

Thanks for reading.... Crys


Fay said...

I love this! It annoys me how expensive these are though! It's like HITS, they're around $10 on Llarowe but on the HITS site they're about r$5 which is about $3!!!! For my last order of HITS I bought them from Brazil, I got 10 bottles, cost me about $40 shipping all the way to the UK and it was STILL cheaper than Llarowe!

CrysLovesPolish said...

Fay I'm sending you an email!!

imadeamisstake said...

I love it! I love brazilian nail polish so much! But I agree, 14$ is so much for the little bottle :(. I try to catch the polishes on sale on Llarowe.

Karine said...

Stalking you too lool and looks like we have the same tastes it looks amazing on you

Karine said...

and I have this polish scheduled for tomorrow! great minds think alike lol

Lacey said...

You would be perfect to ask this to: do you know of any duochromes that shift blue orange and yellow?!

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

Ohhhhhh that's so gorgeous o-O!

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