Quilted Hearts - Trying my hand at Liquid Jelly's Tutorial

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Today I decided to share with you my attempt at completing a tutorial by written by one of my absolute FAVORITE bloggers Liquid Jelly  She completed this tutorial a few weeks back & I always kept in the back of my head that I wanted to try it.   Although my daughter told me i'm too old to be wearing this mani, I couldn't help but try.

I'm horrible at nail art but I was so proud of myself.  Although it's far from perfect, it just shows me that maybe next time I can do a little bit better.  I video'd myself during the process & it seemed everything in the world went wrong but I hoped to be an inspiration to other newbies who are afraid to jump in & try!  It's not perfect but I still love it.  Thank you Liquid Jelly for sharing your awesome talent!


Thanks for reading!!



Paulina said...

I love this mani! Cute heart!

Karine said...

Very creative! I might try it :)

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

So cute!

Cristina Santos said...

I have to try this, very pretty! :)

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