Chanel Taboo #583 Le Vernis

Warning:  Pic Heavy

As I was strolling thru Instagram admiring all the gorgeous polish swatches, I ran across one of the most unique & beautiful mainstream polishes that I have ever seen!  I was immediately mesmerized by knew I had to have it!   This polish was the one & only Chanel Taboo #583.  All of the reviews I read state that this was a Limited Edition polish & my heart sank thinking it would be out of my grasp.  But then I did my own research & found this polish is part of the Chanel core line & immediately ordered it from Nordstroms for $27.  This would be my very first Chanel polish & I was ecstatic.
Chanel Taboo #583 was released as part of the Spring Collection Révélation.  Taboo is a rich, vibrant, deep purple-red polish loaded with iridescent sparkles of blue & purple.  The complex shimmer literally glows from your nails.  It has so much depth that it almost appears to shift colors depending on the angle you look at it.  Taboo is an absolute stunner in the bottle & is even more magnificent on the nail.  Although the bottle appears more plum-purple, when it is applied on the nail, it becomes an inky deep purple.  The super strong shimmer actually translates on the nail!   Taboo applied flawlessly.  Like smooth butter & was almost a 1 coater which excited me even more.  With ever brush stroke I was taken deeper into the trance that is Taboo.  It is hands down my favorite mainstream polish owned & I own well over 1000 polishes!  Taboo is so complex that it made it extremely difficult to photograph.  Especially with my iPhone!  I applied 2 coats Taboo with 1 coat of Seche Vite.  Next I stamped my ring finger with one of my Bundle Monster Plates.  
*****Pictures Above are with indoor lighting*****
*****Pictured above is outdoor lighting*****
Let me know what you think.  Will you be getting Taboo?


Jess said...

Such a gorgeous color on you!!! I seriously NEED Taboo in my life! THanks for sharing. You're blog is so cute! Looking through your manis right now is actually helping me get back into my blog.


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