Franken Fridays is back! Plum-Sickle Makes & Beetle Wings make their debut

Happy Friday everyone!  Thank goodness for the weekend!  I have been so busy that I can't hardly think straight!  It's been raining like crazy here in Virginia & i'm so glad that the weather is finally breaking!

Most of you know that back in the day I used to make my own polishes.  Some people call it frankens & others called them custom polishes.  I used to make entire lines for myself & send samples to my nail buddies.  Unfortunately, I stopped making polishes when I had a horrible bout with depression but i'm happy to announce that I have renewed my love for making polishes & i'm bringing back "Franken Fridays"!!  First up is Plum-Sickle
Plum-Sickle is a bright plum based polish packed with flakes, red shimmer & a smidgen of spectra flair!  It is super saturated & can be worn on it's own.  Pictured above is 2 coats topped with NYC in a minute top coat.  It applied like a dream & I was so impressed with myself lol.  It had all the elements that I love in a polish.  Can you believe this polish was made with eyeshadow?  I have a tutorial coming soon with step by step directions.

Next up is "Beetle Wings".
Beetle Wings is a super saturated Multi-Chrome Polish that shifts from Blue to Pink to Purple to Red.  I added some spectra flair for that extra kick & I'm in love!  This is 2 coats on it's own (No base coat needed) with 1 coat of NYC in a minute top coat.  This is by far my favorite polish ever!  I remember making it because I was having a hard time purchasing Enchanted Polish & decided to make my own.  I made this using some pigments I purchased offline. I will be doing a step by step tutorial on making this at a later date.  

FYI:  Unfortunately I don't sell my polishes because I don't have the time & I would have a nervous breakdown if anyone was every disappointed in something that I sold to them.  I don't consider myself a professional or a mixologist of colors.  There have been many times I've purchased a polish from an Indie Brand & was completely let down because the quality of the polish was AWFUL.  Whether it was goopy or not mixed correctly to glitters falling or bleeding & pigments dropping to the bottom of the bottle.  You name it, I've purchased it & I don't want to put that pressure on myself.  So instead, I send gifts to friends or giveaways.  You can't complain when it's free right? lol  Anyway, enough talking & off to the polishes!

Please enjoy many more photos after the jump.  Warning:  Extremely Pic Heavy

Thrifty Thursday and Revlon Ritzy 780

Welcome to "Thrifty Thursday" everyone!  Who says that you have to pay a gazillion dollars for gorgeous polish?  Last week I was walking thru Rite Aide & passed the polish clearance bin.  I picked up Revlon "Ritzy" 780 for a WHOPPING 45 cents!  Yes you heard it!  45 cents!!

 Ritzy is a black polish packed with gold micro-glitters & larger hexagonal silver glitters.  Pictured below is 3 coats on its on with 1 coat of NYC in a minute top coat.  There was no problem with application.  It applied easily with no clumping or gooping & dried smooth to the touch.  I think it's gorgeous & perfect for this Fall.
So if your pockets are a little light, drop by your local drug store clearance bin ladies.  There are plenty lovelies waiting to be taken home & enjoyed that won't break the bank!  Until next time...

Nail Art Wednesday & Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  My mother is a breast cancer survivor so this cause is near & dear to my heart.  Today I chose to pull out Lynderella Angel Food from my un-trieds & broke out my stamping plates using the breast cancer ribbon.  This was so simple & my mani was finished in 10 minutes.  I hope with all the awareness that you guys have your yearly mammograms & take the time to self check.  Early detection is key!  Thanks for reading!

Indie Tuesday, Nailnation 3000 Enchanted Forest #13 & BusyGirlNails Nailart Challenge

Welcome to Indie Tuesday everyone!  For the first time, I've decided to participate in a nail art challenge called Busy Girl Nails.  I must warn you, my nail art skills are subpar to say the least but I wanted to give it a go because it's not overwhelming & fits in perfectly with my schedule.  Day 1 is Antique Gold.   I decided to use Enchanted Forest from one of my favorite Indie brands Nailnation 3000 .  My Indie rack is filled with her polishes because she just "gets it right".  There are a lot of indie polish makers out there but there are only a few who make QUALITY products with phenomenal customer service.

Enchanted Forest #13 is a deep green chrome with hints of gold, holo & flecks of pink & cooper micro glitters.  It is FALL in a bottle.  It reminds me of crunched leaves that have fallen to the ground in the fall.  It is so unique & stunning.  I don't have anything like it in my collection.  Application was a breeze & it dried smooth to the touch.  My accent finger is Kiko duo chrome 395 that shifts from gold to green & I did a saran wrap marble to finish it off.
All in all, I love this look!  Please be sure to check Maria from Nailnation 3000 out.  Her polishes are amazing!

High End Sunday/Vintage Monday Combined - Versace Lacquer V02077

Happy Sunday everyone!  Life has been so hectic lately that I haven't been able to really post anything. But after receiving another long time lemming of mine, there was no way that I was NOT going to post this baby.

Versace's Heat Nail Lacquer V2077-W is a multi-chrome polish in a blackened base that shifts from red to green to gold to purple at extreme angles.  This polish is LONG discontinued & I have been scouring the earth for it for YEARS! I've searched eBay, foreign auctions, blog sales, yard sales, Craig's List, Flea Markets, Estate Sales & Salon Sales.  I've even gone on "dusty shopping trips" & asked every single person I know to look out for this elusive polish.   And just when I thought I would never own this beauty & had given up ALL hope,  a very good nail buddy of mine "gifted" this beauty to me without asking for anything in return!  I am so humbled & honored by her generosity & so thankful for such a sweet friend.
Versace V2077-W  is said to be a dupe for Clarins 230 lovingly referred to as "unicorn pee".  It is also long discontinued but is easily obtainable on eBay if you're willing to pay the hefty price tag for it.  I happen to own this one as well & although they both have the same shifting qualities, they are not dupes.  Clarins 230 has a Purple/Maroon base & Versace v2077 has a rich blackened base.  I must admit, I prefer Versace.  It applied like butter, looked better with my skin tone, dried super glossy & doesn't have the horrible smell that Clarins 230 has.  (I will be doing comparisons of all my Clarins 230 dupes at a later date).

Taking photos of Versace on it's on was so frustrating!  The shimmer would not translate in the photos! UGHHHHH!!  Because I wasn't able to properly capture the shifting qualities of Versace V2077 on its own,  I decided to layer it over one of my own frankens called "Lucky Charms".  Lucky Charms is an extremely saturated multi-chrome polish that has the same shifting qualities as "Unicorn Pee".  It shifts from red to green to gold & can be worn on its own.  My accent finger shows Lucky Charms on its own on half the nail.  The other half is one layer of Versace V2077 painted over it.  The color shift picked up on camera MUCH better this way.    I'm totally in love with this polish!  Words can't even describe but hopefully my pictures will.
Above picture indirect sunlight
Close up/Indirect Sunlight
Above Picture Direct Sunlight
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