I've back & renewed my love for Polish

Hello everyone. I've been gone a long time. I want to thank everyone who stuck around & reached out to me. It meant do much to me. I've had some tragic losses in my life & I sunk into a deep depression. But with the love of my family & friends, I'm feeling so much better. I want to apologize to anyone who has tried to reach me & all if my swap buddies for dropping off the face of the earth. But it has been a really dark period for me.

My daughter Amiah told me to start blogging again. She said I used to be really happy doing it & she's right!  Polish is therapeutic to me. Today I want to show u a simple mani using Above The Curve Caty Perry-Winkle & Whimsical Ideas By Pam Flower Child. I loved the combo. The pictures were taken with my iPhone in artificial & regular indoor lighting. Nothing too fancy. 
                                                         Light Box
                                                          Regular Indoor Lighting


Lizajane1776 said...

Welcome back.
I hope that this continues to be good therapy for you.
This is indeed a gorgeous combination, thank you!

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